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Franklin Health provides full scale clinical research organization services, methodology consulting, dossier compilation, and statistical services.

Our Senior Research Team


Jessie Hawkins, PhD

Dr. Hawkins brings over 20 years of experience and expertise the team. She established Franklin Health Research as an independent educational center in 2005 and has overseen its growth into the complete contract research organization (CRO) it is today.


Christy Hires, MPH, CHES

Christy is a clinical trialist and biostatistician. Her area of expertise is data management and analysis, and she has a vast range of experience working with pediatric and underserved populations. She serves as the research team's natural and botanical products content expert.


Elizabeth Dunne, MS, RDN

Elizabeth is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Her area of expertise is supplement science and she has extensive expertise working with high-risk populations. She serves as the research team's nutrition and supplement content expert and oversees patient care.

Natural Product Research Specialists

Statistical Services

Whether you need pre-project statistical consulting, a power analysis to determine the correct sample size, or full creation of a statistical analysis plan for your study, our team of experts can provide the peace of mind your study requires.

Clinical Research

Our team has experience and expertise designing, conducting, and analyzing human research studies. Our team's emphasis includes clinical trials (phases 2-4), registry studies, pilot trials, feasibility analysis, and meta-analysis.

Claim Substantiation

Our team can compile your FDA-mandated claim substantiation dossier and register your claims with the FDA, unlocking potential for new marketing claims such as: "Boosts immune health," "Soothes sore muscles," or "Promotes relaxation."

Our Mission

The Franklin Health Research Center was established to improve the quality of clinical research on natural products. Our interdisciplinary team conducts clinical and epidemiological research for the natural products industry, offers biostatistical services for the medical and drug industries, and delivers clinical methodology, compliance, and claim substantiation services.

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