Formulation Review & Analysis

Our team can evaluate your formulas to identify marketing claims your products can make using existing scientific evidence.

Discover Untapped Potential

The scientific literature is packed with evidence supporting many of the products on the market, yet few companies harness the power of this evidence for substantiated marketing claims. Our team can help you identify potential structure / function claims and potential OTC drug claims your products could be making.

We provide you a comprehensive report, including an overview of your marketing possibilities and strategies for achieving these goals. Should you choose to pursue any of these claims, our team also offers dossier compilation and/or review services to help you substantiate them effectively.

Structure / Function Claims

Is your natural health product (herbal, essential oil, or nutrient-based) formulated for ingestion? If so, you may be overlooking valuable structure / function claims you can legally make about your product.

Our team can assess your ingredients and formulations to prepare you for the 3-step process of substantiating and registering your new marketing claims with the FDA.

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OTC Drug Claims

Did you know there are dozens of natural and even botanical ingredients that are already approved as FDA-authorized OTC drugs? Your formulation might already have the potential to substantiate powerful drug claims, opening up an entirely new market.

Our team can assess your formulations to identify potential OTC drug claims for your natural products and provide you with a strategy for substantiation and FDA authorization.

Formulation Analysis Includes

Needs Assessment

What are your unique goals? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to claims discovery and substantiation; our first step is to learn about your brand and your market goals. This directs our formulation analysis.

Privacy & Confidentiality 

Our team works with billion dollar companies and brand new start-ups operating out of home offices. Whatever the size of your firm, we treat your company's proprietary material with the confidentiality it deserves.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our team evaluates not only your formulations, but your target market, your current advertising, and the entire picture to identify untapped potential. Our team's combined experience in both the clinical research and integrative health fields provide unsurpassed expertise with comprehensive analysis.

Actionable Strategies

The report our team delivers contains step-by-step actions you can take to achieve each of the possibilities identified. Strategies will include approximate time/budget commitments to achieve these strategies as well as recommendations on which options to pursue.

Marketing Potential

Our team identifies 1) Marketing opportunities based on current formulations/packaging, 2) Untapped markets you could enter with packaging/labeling modifications, and 3) Minor formulation adjustments that could unlock brand new markets.

Affordable, Transparent Pricing 

Formulation analysis is one of the most cost effective investments a natural products company can make. Our transparent fees are outlined in our project proposals so there are never any surprise costs. Formulation analysis is also budget-friendly, starting at only $250.

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