Full Protocol Development

Get a complete, comprehensive protocol developed around your product's unique needs, allowing you to progress through any stage of claim substantiation.

Fixed Price Clinical Trials

Looking for convenience? Fixed price study packages deliver a budget-friendly randomized, blinded, placebo controlled clinical trial in a matter of months.

Pilot Studies

Feasibility or pilot studies reduce the risk of error in large-scale trials by ensuring your research is not be conducted with the wrong methods, on the wrong dose, the wrong population, or for the wrong duration.

These provide you with a realistic overview of the potential for success in large-scale clinical research, allowing modifications to dosing, exposure, or even formulation to take place before larger-scale studies are conducted.

Phase 2 Trials

The vast majority of natural health products enter the research process at Phase 2. We create a custom plan which maximizes the potential for demonstrating your product’s efficacy.

Our researchers recognize the demands for timeline management, low cost, regulatory requirements, and minimized risk. We mitigate these concerns by integrating our expertise in the natural products field, providing you with productive returns on your investment.

Phase 3 Trials

Phase 3 studies build upon the work of phase 2, allowing us to identify how your product compares to the standard of care, how it interacts with other treatments, and what rare reactions might exist.

This is the final stage of the drug development pathway; this critical stage of your project requires a unique blend of expertise to ensure results can be replicated in a larger scale with a more diverse population.

Fixed Price Clinical Trials

What if a clinical trial for your product could give you peace of mind, with a fixed price and a predictable timeline? Now it can.

Our research team offers the ability to choose the right study duration and sample size for your product, with a clear, upfront cost and guaranteed timeline. No surprises.

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

When you are ready to put your products to test, we are here to create and implement a clinical trial protocol developed exclusively for your needs.