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Corporate Training in Natural Products Science

Bring our leading researchers on-site for hands-on training in the science of essential oils or herbal supplements. Our research team customizes course content to meet your team's specific needs and develops material which delivers the latest scientific research and industry trends.

On-site training can save thousands compared to individual educational programs and empowers your entire team to lead the way across the industry. Our team trains hospital staff, medical office staff, natural products customer service teams, sales reps, and anyone else in the health industry who provides information or services to the public.

Fully Customizable

Online corporate training hourly rates start at $450/hour with no hourly minimums. We provide the hosting platform with unlimited employee logon credentials. You get to customize the schedule and retain full recording and replay rights–so you can use the material again and again.

On-site options start at $3,995/day for up to 7 training hours each day with no limits on the number of participants. Our team develops curriculum specific to your company's needs and goals and you enjoy full rights to the content we create. This includes full recording and replay rights as well as reproducible versions of all worksheets and handouts.

Or, create your own unique event! Schedule partial days or hybrid (partial on-site/partial virtual) events. Create break-out sessions with multiple researchers covering multiple topics or even schedule a for-profit event and set your own admissions rates. Whatever your goals, we can work with you to make it happen.

Popular Topics Include:

Herbal Science / Aromatherapy Science

Train your entire nursing staff or your whole customer support staff in the science of herbal medicine or aromatherapy. Individual training for your team typically runs cost $2k per person–or more–and can require months of outside study. With our 2-4 day workshops, your team can master the science of botanical medicine or aromatherapy for a fraction of the cost.

Training also includes an overview of the latest pre-publication work in the field, ensuring that your team receives cutting edge education and can lead the way in the integrative health industry.

Claims & Compliance

Every single statement made by a representative of your brand can be considered a marketing claim. Your sales reps, customer service reps, and other forward-facing team members must be up-to-date on the requirements for both FDA and FTC compliance.

These regulatory agencies are not only concerned with direct disease claims, but implications and even images. This training can ensure that your team members are not placing you at risk for regulatory actions.

Interpreting Clinical Research

Applying the scientific literature requires more than skimming the conclusions of a study and assigning those findings to your formulation. Many agencies run into FDA/FTC violations through simple misinterpretation of the literature.

If your company is using scientific evidence to substantiate your claims, it's critical that your employees understand how to read, digest, and assess the literature for themselves.

Pediatric Safety in Botanical Medicine

Children are one of the largest users of natural products, yet little is available on how to use botanical ingredients safety and effectively in this population. Whether you manage a natural products brand, a pediatric medical office, or a wellness center, it's critical that your employees understand the intricacies of safety and efficacy with this population.

Our team delivers a comprehensive, evidence based educational program that meets the needs of both laypeople and medical professionals.

Corporate Training

Whether you manage a medical office, a hospital team, a wellness center, a natural products company, or a direct sales team, corporate training in the science of integrative health is an essential component for growth.

Our team develops content with your specific audience in mind and delivers it in a fun and engaging way. Complete this form to receive a customized quote or to get started with your training event.