Aromatherapy & Pregnancy

Pregnancy & Aromatherapy Study Compensation Instructions

Pregnancy & Aromatherapy Study Compensation Instructions

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Please look at the white envelope filled with study materials left with you by your midwife. Find your 3 digit Participant ID. It is located on the outside of the large white envelope and on your instruction sheet. This will be how we identify you as a participant to keep your identity protected. 

After you submit this survey, our team will set up your Participant Log In on the mobile app "OnTimePoint". You should be able to download the app and sign in at Week 27, Day 1.

If you receive an error message 'Invalid Credentials' when logging in, please email us at 
You will be compensated up to $120 for participating in this study. Each payment will be sent within 5-10 business days of completion of each survey. Please choose your preferred method of payment below. 

You WILL NOT receive payment receipts or emails from our team; payments will be automatically deposited or sent using your instruction below. Please note that our team cannot be responsible for payments sent to incorrect email addresses or phone numbers. Please double-check to confirm that the information you provide below is accurate.  
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I understand that the compensation for my participation in this study will be made using my stated preference above and that Franklin Health will not send additional payments if the information I submit above is inaccurate.
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