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Research Team Confirms Essential Oils Unrelated to Endocrine Disruption

By FHR Research Team | Nov 17, 2021

Scientists Confirm: Essential Oils Unrelated to Hormone Disruption Epidemiological Research Debunks the Long-Held Myth That Lavender and Tea Tree Oils Cause Endocrine Disruption in Children. NASHVILLE, November 17, 2021 — For over a decade, parents and … Read More

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Aronia Berries for Heart Health

By FHR Research Team | Aug 25, 2020

Daily supplementation with aronia melanocarpa (chokeberry) reduces blood pressure and cholesterol: a meta analysis of controlled clinical trials “Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. Dietary supplements, such as … Read More

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Franklin Health Researching Claims Regarding Essential Oils as Endocrine Disruptors

By Dr. Jessie Hawkins | Mar 19, 2019

FSIHS Leading Research Project on Essential Oils as Endocrine Disruptors The FSIHS Research Department is investigating the proposed link between lavender and tea tree oils and endocrine disrupting outcomes such as prepubertal gynecomastia in children.  Through … Read More

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Elderberry for Upper Respiratory Symptoms

By FHR Research Team | Dec 22, 2018

Elderberry syrup has become a household staple during the cold and flu season, but research identifying its effects remains sparse. To address this gap in knowledge, the FSIHS Research team conducted an elderberry meta-analysis.

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Research college finds that elderberry syrup has a powerful effect on cold and flu symptoms

By Dr. Jessie Hawkins | Nov 18, 2018

Research college finds that elderberry syrup has a powerful effect on cold and flu symptoms This popular home remedy was found to substantially reduce the duration of upper respiratory symptoms in the first meta-analysis to be … Read More

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Essential Oils for Energy in Women with Hypothyroidism

By FHR Research Team | Sep 20, 2018

One feature of this study not found in previous work is the natural setting and self-administration of the aromatherapy inhalation. This increases generalizability for women with fatigue.

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