Product Claims Guidelines [7 of 12]

Is your natural product claim actually a drug claim? [7 of 12]

The FDA provides criteria for determining whether your product claim is a structure / function claim (which is permitted provided that you have a substantiation dossier) or a drug claim. This is part seven of a twelve series discussing those criteria.

Prohibited: Product names which suggest an effect on a disease or diseased state 

The product's name is part of its overall marketing. Hiding drug claims in the product name won't work. The product name, like all other marketing and communication, must be compliant.

Drug Claims: 

  • BacteriaBeGone
  • CircuCure
  • CarpalHealth
  • FluAway
  • DepressionBuster

Structure / Function Claims 

  • CleanPower
  • CardioHealth
  • ComfortHands
  • ImmuneBoost
  • MoodSupport

What's the Difference?

The product name clearly communicates to the consumer what to expect that product to achieve. By including a disease state or symptom in the name, a consumer understands that the product is intended to offer relief or aid from a disease.

This one is more straightforward; simply be confident that your product name, like all other marketing materials, is in compliance with the remaining guidelines.