Professional Education

Meet your organization's continuing education requirements by mastering the latest science from the natural products industry.

Study what you want, when you want, where you want

Meet your organization's professional development requirements through engaging, comprehensive educational workshops addressing the most relevant topics in the field of integrative health. Our continuing professional education opportunities are scheduled both on-site and online, allowing you to attend from anywhere in the world.

Through our diverse selection of topics, you can choose what you want to study, dive deep into that subject, and demonstrate mastery in ways that help you meet your professional re-certification goals.

Join us in a classroom near you…

CEU classes offered by Franklin Health are available in locations all over the US. Classroom-based programs run from 9am to 5pm and last for 2-4 days, depending on the topic. There is a one-hour lunch break each day, and a catered lunch is included in the registration fee.

To inquire about bringing a Franklin Health researcher to teach your group, email our office. On-site classes open to the public are currently on hold due to the pandemic.

Or join us online…

Online professional development programs offer the same interactive education as our in-person programs, but you can join us from anywhere in the world. These courses are hosted on Zoom; you will be able to ask questions, follow along, take notes, and interact with classmates during the course.

Benefits of Continuing Professional Education at Franklin: 

  • Guided: Follow predictable timelines so you can plan around the class
  • Comprehensive: Take a deep dive into an advanced topic in your field and emerge with full mastery of the latest scientific discoveries
  • Tested: Over 15,000 students and hundreds of thousands of individuals globally have benefitted from online courses taught by Dr Jessie Hawkins
  • Personalized: Enjoy ample face-to-face time via a small, intimate classroom setting or a small group on Zoom
  • Recognized: Our professional development workshops deliver a wide range of recognized continuing education credits across health professional fields

Professional Education Topics Include:

health behavior

Psychology of Health Behavior

Have you ever wondered why clients and patients don’t change their health related behaviors, even after they know that these behaviors are causing their chronic health problems? This 2-day workshop empowers you to connect with your patients, clients, or followers at their own level, and how to help them achieve measurable change in health outcomes.

Claims, Labeling, & Compliance

Herbalists, dietitians, aromatherapists, and anyone else who formulates and retails natural health products are required to understand the complex maze of FDA/FTC compliance. Yet few actually master the complexities of the many categories of claims and how to package and sell these products legally and successfully as an integrative health professional.

health science

Interpreting Biostatistics: A Crash Course

Biostatistics and research methodology form the core of clinical research. Analysis and evaluation require in depth knowledge of these fields, which often don't come easy to clinicians. In this 3-day crash course, our team demystifies biostatistics and methodology, empowering you to assess the methodological quality of clinical research with ease.

Holistic Nutrition

Health coaches, aromatherapists, herbalists, and other integrative health professionals often discuss nutrition when working with clients, yet few programs include training in the science of nutrition. The Holistic Nutrition workshop provides this important education in the principles of scientific nutrition with an emphasis on a holistic health framework.

Epidemiology for Health Professionals

Learn about the scientific methods used in epidemiology and how these research studies can improve your natural health practice. Epidemiological skills empower you to better assess pandemic threats such as ebola or superbugs, as well as recurring risks such as the seasonal flu or vaccine-related conditions. This workshop empowers you to provide evidence-based information to patients and clients.

Aromatic Medicine

If you are an aromatherapist, essential oil ingestion is one of the most important skills to have in your toolbox. Today’s clients are using oils in potent concentrations and ingestion regularly which means today's experts must know how to work with clients who choose to ingest oils. Your clients are looking to you for guidance with safety and efficacy.

Aromatherapy for Birth Professionals

As a midwife, nurse, childbirth educator, doula, or other birth professional, you are the trusted source moms turn to when they need reliable information about essential oils, but finding a quality source for professional training can be complicated. This workshop provides everything you need to know to integrate essential oils into your birth practice, boosting the value of the services you offer.

Six Pillars of Professional Practice

The 6 Pillar Method of health counseling was developed here at Franklin Health to provide an evidence based framework that organizes the theoretical concepts used in integrative health practice into a model that can be followed effortlessly. With this approach, you are free to focus on the part of this field that matters most: supporting your client.

Vaccines: An Evidence-Based, Holistic Approach

Conflicted parents often turn to health coaches, herbalists, aromatherapists, and other integrative health leaders for advice on vaccines. Unfortunately traditional training does not address this complex topic. In this CEU workshop, learn how to provide clear, balanced information to your clients that is based on solid evidence rather than hype.