Holistic Nutrition

Study nutrition through an evidence-based, holistic approach

Course Dates: March 9-12, 2021

Health coaches, aromatherapists, herbalists, and other integrative health professionals often discuss nutrition when working with clients, yet few programs include training in the science of nutrition. The Foundations of Holistic Nutrition Micro-Credential provides this important education in the principles of scientific nutrition with an emphasis on a holistic health framework.

This program provides you a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of nutrition, how to create and maintain a healthy diet, and how to recognize harmful food trends which pretend to be scientific. Using research, epidemiological principles, and nutrition science, you will learn how to identify needs within your clients and to affect change within your community.

Topics also include the influence of social determinants of health on nutritional status, intuitive eating, nutritional epidemiology, specialty diets (such as paleo, vegan, and keto), and the role of the non-dietician health professional in disseminating nutritional information. You’ll learn how to discuss nutrition while staying within your scope of practice and when you should refer clients out to registered dietitians.

What you can expect: 

  • Instructor Guided: No need for prep work or extra mental labor; simply show up to the Zoom classroom and our instructors will guide you through the learning process.
  • LIVE and Interactive: You won't be tossed into an online platform and left to navigate the lessons on your own; our professional education programs are live and interactive–we literally bring the classroom to your home. Raise your hand, get real-time answers, and interact with classmates.
  • Tested: Over 15,000 students worldwide have benefitted from online courses taught by Dr Jessie Hawkins. Our teaching methods have been perfected and our graduates agree that our programs have boosted their careers.
  • Intimate Class Setting: Courses are limited in size to guarantee ample time for questions, interaction, and instruction, ensuring that you fully master the content.
  • Career-Focused: In addition to earning 8 contact hours of continuing education credits, your career will benefit from the career-focus of the program. Our CEU classes are developed with your success in mind.

Day 1

Day 1 begins by covering essential nutrients, both macro and micro. These ingredients form a foundation for nutrition and wellness. Afternoon sessions cover food as a determinant of health status. Collectively these tools prepare you to work with patients or clients of any socioeconomic background to achieve holistic wellness.

Day 2

In Day 2, you'll learn more about the research process for the field of nutrition. The first half of the day begins with nutritional epidemiology with afternoon sessions covering research methods. This foundation empowers you to sift through conflicting research reports and make evidence-based decisions.

Day 3

During the third day you will cover nutritional needs through the lifecycle. Nutritional needs shift over time starting with infancy through the "golden" years. Morning sessions include pediatric nutrition and addressing common childhood issues while afternoon sessions transition to general wellness.

Day 4

Throughout day 4, we will address nutrition trends, fad diets, and healthy lifestyles. Topics include keto, paleo, calorie-counting, vegan, and intuitive eating. Each nutrition trend is assessed holistically looking at how it impacts body and mind, with an emphasis on evidence based approaches to sustainable wellness.

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