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Structure Function Claim Requirements

In the United States, natural supplements which are made from herbs, essential oils, and other botanical ingredients and are meant to be taken internally are regulated as foods, and are officially classified as dietary supplements. These … Read More

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Investigational New Drug (IND)

FDA Oversight An Investigational New Drug (IND) application is required before your product can be studied in a clinical trial for a medical outcome. The IND application presents a case to the FDA arguing that your … Read More

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Working with Franklin Health Research

Getting Started The first step is to contact us to set up a conference call. This complimentary 60-90 minute call enables our team to learn more about your project and your team’s end goals. We recommend … Read More

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What does it take to turn a botanical into an FDA-Approved drug?

FDA Drug Approval. Start to Finish. Step 1: Preparation The first step is to plan your strategy. Do you want to make a structure and function claim or a drug claim? Structure & Function Claims: If … Read More

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Drug Development: Step by Step

How do you develop an FDA-approved drug? Discovery & Development: This is typically the longest phase of the process. During this time, you are identifying active ingredients and developing your formulation. Pre-Clinical Drug Development: For most … Read More

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Clinical Trial Process

Clinical Trials in 3 Steps Step 1: The Start Up Period Immediately after coming to an agreement on a clinical research partnership, the Franklin Health Research team begins the Start-Up Period, which is the most labor-intensive … Read More

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