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SHH is an investment designed to pay for itself. Previous participants have saved an average of $500/year on natural health expenses thanks to what they learned.


Since 2005, over 15,000 students and hundreds of thousands of workshop participants have benefitted from online education taught by Dr Jessie Hawkins.

A Must-Have for Healthy Families

The wellness industry is no longer a fringe movement. Globally, the industry is worth several trillion dollars, with the alternative medicine segment alone worth over $360 billion. This powerful industry makes it difficult for well intended families to sift through the marketing claims to find the products and activities that are best for each unique family.

Leading natural products researcher Dr. Jessie Hawkins has been teaching families how to sort through the compelling claims to separate fact from fiction since 2005. Dr. Hawkins has taught tens of thousands of families around the globe how to make healthy decisions for their own homes and how to invest their wellness budget effectively–reducing both overhead costs and total sick days.

The release of the Science of Holistic Health with Dr Hawkins makes this much-loved resource available once again with modern updates and the latest cutting edge science.

SHH Class Emblem

True holistic health embraces the triad of physical, mental, and social wellbeing. The explosive growth of the modern wellness industry risks mental and social wellbeing at the expense of physical health. My goal is to empower families to have it all: physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

- Jessie Hawkins, PhD


1: Intro to Holistic Health

What is CAM? Who uses natural health? What do we mean by "holistic health?" Week 1 covers methods of health, home healthcare, and the science of evidence-based holistic health.

2. Epidemiology

Week 2 moves towards why we get sick with an overview of historical approaches. You will learn the epidemiology triad, web of causation, germ and miasma theories of disease, and the natural history of disease.

3. Botanical Medicine

Herbalism. Aromatherapy. Placebos. The herb-drug spectrum. Ingesting essential oils. Methods of exposure to botanical medicine. Week 3 is all about plants for health.

4. Toxicology & Safety

Safety first. In week 4, you will learn about the claims made on natural health products, how "safety" is assessed scientifically, pharmacokinetics of herbal/essential oil products, and dosing.

5. Prevention

The wellness industry is a booming market, but what *really* keeps you healthy? This module addresses hot topics ranging from vaccines to sanitation to immune support and fortifying the body.

6. Diet & Nutrition

Weight management. GMOs. Organic labels. Keto/paleo/vegan diets. The diet and nutrition world is contradictory if nothing else. This module cuts through the marketing to look at the core science of healthy eating.

7. Infectious Disease

Enter the fascinating world of microbes. Viruses, bacteria, drug resistance... this module covers it all. You will learn why terms such as "antimicrobial" offer nothing for personal health and the role of botanicals in antibiotic stewardship.

8. Mental & Social Wellbeing

Holistic health is all about the whole person. This module covers the role of social interactions, trauma, mental health, and social determinants on physical wellbeing.

9. Pregnancy, Birth, & Babies

Module 9 transitions into looking at holistic health across the lifespan. Preconception through the first year involve many unique challenges. This module addresses them holistically.

10. Pediatric Health

Children are among the largest users of natural health products, yet few resources are available to guide proper dosing, safety, and applications. This module fills that gap.

11. Healthy Adults

From hormonal health to mental wellbeing, our middle aged years present many new challenges. This module addresses both prevention and management of chronic diseases.

12. Aging Well

As we age, our bodies need customized approaches to holistic health–dosing adjustments, milder or more gentle remedies, and options suitable for long-term use.

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  • SIX full months of online streaming access with support
  • FULL download rights to every single video and handout (over 50 videos!)
  • FREE Bonus 1: Pain Management Workshop download (value $195)
  • FREE Bonus 2: Botanical Medicine Protocols bundle (value $295)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $1,085


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